β€œI had a lot of digestive problems when I came to my first reflexology session. After long years of suffering with IBS and stomach cramps I looked into many ways to ease the symptoms. The reflexology sessions along with little life style advices relieved my pain put and me back on track. Now I am exercising more, taking time to rest and I can enjoy much more food in my diet. Thank you for this, Alchemy. You changed my life for the better.” Eugene K.

The therapy involves the stimulation of reflex points on the feet, which correspond with organs and systems in the body. Reflexology is suitable for all ages and can bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. It is a very gentle, non-invasive therapy, which encourages the body to heal itself at its own pace.

Reflexology is a long established healing tradition, going back as far as Ancient China and Egypt, and is noted in medical texts as old as 4000 years. Today, as reflexology has become more popular, an increasing number of people are trying this safe and natural therapy as a way of relaxing, balancing, and harmonizing the body.

Reflexology can be useful in relieving many acute and chronic conditions, such as insomnia, menstrual problems, migraine, sinusitis, vertigo, asthma, sciatica, and many others. It can provide benefits such as improving the circulation, purifying the lymphatic system, improving the functioning of the intestines, liver, and kidneys. In the field of oncology an increasing number of consultants are recognizing the benefits of this relaxing and calming therapy, and it is now accepted as standard practice in many maternity units. The treatment itself, lasts for about 45 minutes, and can be performed on a treatment table, or a special reflexology chair, depending on the client’s preferences. Each treatment ends with a relaxing foot massage.

About this treatment
  • Duration: 60 minutes minimum
  • Category:Massage therapy
  • Suitable for:Anyone
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