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Hi, my name is Kamila Lukaszewicz and I am an alchemist, helping people transform and rekindle parts of themselves, which haven’t been loved yet. I am practicing different healing arts including sound therapy, massage, beauty therapy and yoga to help people enjoy their beauty, health and the wholeness within.

I work with clients individually, or leading group Quantum Sound Baths, Sound Yoga and workshops. Being an Argentine Tango dancer, make-up artist, beauty lover, a yogi, therapist and a political scientist, gives me a wide range of insights to the nature of our earthly existence. I love working with the body and mind, tuning into the powerful life force, which flows through, every single one of us.

In my work I like to collaborate with clients to create an intuitive process of opening and clearing all senses, for healing to occur. I see it as being a catalyst or an ignition for the client to make the necessary changes for themselves.

In my spare time I practice alchemy by spending hours wandering around different landscapes and getting to know the power of the mind through meditation and making art. I enjoy silence, deep conversations, vibrant creative encounters, and movement of all sorts. My main passion is to strengthen the life force and to open the mind to live in contentment and balance.