#2: Four Hands Massage

"I had this amazing pleasure to have the Four Hands whole body massage and Sound Bath with Kamila and Shea. It was incredibly deep emotional healing experience for me because of the unique touch of 4 hands and sounds at the same time connecting the body to the soul. All of that blended with loving care and safe atmosphere that Kamila and Shea created left me with beautiful feeling, connected to myself more. Kamila and Shea are so lovely and intuitive people; they know how to take care of you so you can have the most profound healing and relaxing experience on all levels. I recommended them with all my heart.” Ewa K.

You will feel calm, refreshed, restored and like a slice of heaven just opened within you. Four Hands Massage is a treatment where two therapists are working simultaneously with one client. It is a flowing, fluid dance of synchronized movements, promoting a deep sense of relaxation. The therapists are combining slow and relaxing motions with harder, deeper movements to target each of your problems, whilst keeping you completely relaxed. It is very nice technique to balance feminine and masculine aspects of your being.

With two extra hands massaging the body, your brain is unable to predict or monitor the motions and pressures of all four hands. This means you are in a better state of mind to ‘let go’ during the treatment and allow your muscles to absorb and react to the therapy. The greater intensity of the simultaneous massage movements enhances blood circulation and the relaxation of tense muscles.

About this treatment
  • Duration: 60 minutes minimum
  • Category:Massage therapy
  • Suitable for:Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Grapes
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"I felt like I was floating on air after the four hands massage with Kamila & Shea. This pair knows their stuff. It was such a treat for my tired body. Great customer service, so focused & personal. Lovely atmosphere & beautiful art adorning the walls of Alchemy Holistic Therapies. I would highly recommend this service.” Aisling G.