#6Beauty Coaching

This is a process involving four sessions of a transformative approach to beautiful skin and a beautiful body. It will help you to build knowledge, skills and confidence around your own beauty. It involves a detailed skin consultation, herbal facial, sound therapy, make-up session and can be combined with massage and/or reflexology.

About this treatment
  • Duration: 240 minutes minimum
  • Category:Combination therapy
  • Suitable for:Anyone
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"I've had many sessions with Kamila & it is always such a pleasure to be in her company. The sound facials were fantastic, I felt held in a safe supported space while being pampered with gorgeous facial products. The combination of sound and beauty therapy is a gentle yet profound treatment. Kamila is an expert in beauty, facials & sound therapy. She blends her skills to create a truly unique experience. My skin felt brilliant afterwards & I was totally relaxed. She gave me great advice about how to take care of myself, and my skin between sessions. She helped me to feel great about myself not only with the treatments but also with her understanding & caring nature. It was a truly transformative journey for me.” Catriona H.