Alchemy Herbal Cosmetics

Currently, at Alchemy we create facemasks, and a luscious and vibrant moisturizer. Our ingredients are organic, with the majority being homegrown, or wild crafted in our local environment. Our moisturizer is made in a slow and loving way, over a period of 2 weeks, and it has taken over 2 years to refine this process. If necessary, we can also make bespoke products to suit particular skin types, or people with skin conditions or allergies. Over the next year, we plan to expand our range of products.

"The skin care products so carefully hand crafted at Alchemy make your senses dance.” Edyta B.

"Alchemy Herbal Cosmetics feel lush and nourishing on the skin. The smell of the moisturizer is like a morning meadow on a summer day. Once you apply the cream on your face your skin feel energized and awake. Great way to start the day and you only need a little bit. The little goes a long way. ” Kiara M.